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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Where are the hot springs located? 

A. The hot springs originally bubbled to the surface in twelve pools. There are three shingled huts near the Wildlife Zoo where the springs come to the surface near the current resort. Now, most of the hot water comes from a 600 ft. well because this source is cleaner and hotter than water that has been allowed to bubble to the surface.

Q. How hot is the hot water? 

A. The hot water that comes from the 600 ft. well is about 160° F. If the water were allowed to come to the surface, the temperature would be 135°.

Q. What is the mineral content of the hot water? Why are the hot springs odorless? 

A. The hot water contains calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron, mangnesium, silica, chloride, fluoride, lithium and other chemicals. Most "smelly" hot springs have a high sulfur content. The sulfur content of Fairmont's hot springs is very low. For a detailed water analysis, contact the Executive Office.

Q. What are the temperatures of the hot springs pools? 

A. The large indoor and outdoor hot pools generally run between 88° - 94°. The indoor and outdoor hot soaking pools generally run between 100° - 104°. The hot springs water is actually cooled for pool usage by adding cold water.

Q. Is the pool water chlorinated? 

A. Yes - for the health and safety of the resort guests and day swimmers, the pools are chlorinated.

Q. Why aren't infants allowed in the hot pools? 

A. Infants are highly susceptible to heat exhaustion and should not be exposed to the hot pool temperatures.

Q. Why aren't floats allowed in the hot soaking pools or in the deep ends of the large pools? 

A. The hot soaking pools are intended for soaking, not water play. Floats in the deep end of the large pools might give a sense of false security to a weak swimmer. Lap swimmers also use the deep ends.

Q. Why isn't the waterslide included in the room when you stay at Fairmont? 

A. 24 hour access to the pools is included in the room rate and most of our guests take advantage of this access. Only about 15% of our guests use the waterslide. Operating the 350', five story waterslide includes expenses for staffing, electricity to pump up the water, insurance and maintenance. It is unfair to pass these expenses along to the majority of Fairmont's guests who do not use the waterslide.

Q. Why don't you have diving boards at the pools?

A. State of Montana regulations require 11 ft of depth. The deep end in the large indoor pool is 7 ft. and the deep end of the large outdoor pool is 9 ft.

Q. When does Fairmont Hot Springs Resort close for the season? 

A. Fairmont Hot Springs Resort is open 365 days a year.

Q. Do you give special room rates for groups? 

A. Room rates depend on the size of your group, number of catering functions, and requested dates. Fairmont's Sales Department will be happy to work with you to arrange a successful meeting or gathering.

Q. How long has Fairmont Hot Springs Resort been here? 

A. Construction of the current building began in 1972. There have been various resorts, hotels, bath houses, plunges, dance halls, and barrooms here in this location over the past 100+ years, mostly under the name of Gregson Hot Springs. At one time, there was a railroad depot, school, and dedicated town site called Gregson.

Q. Is this Fairmont Hot Springs Resort related to the Fairmont Hot Springs in British Columbia? 

A. No, the British Columbia resort sold back in 2008 with different owners.

Q. Is Fairmont's golf course the one with the "mile high, mile long" par 5? 

A. Yes, Fairmont's 5th hole is a mile in altitude and 649 yards long and is the longest hole in Montana. Fairmont's course also has the largest green in Montana, a three tiered green on hole #3.

Q. Can you drive golf carts on the course fairways? 

A. Yes. Please stay on cart paths between holes and follow directional signs around areas under repair.

Q. Do you offer any discounts on the golf course? 

A. Registered guests receive a 10% discount on green fees, during the week, Monday - Friday, except on Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day.

Q. How far are you from Discovery Ski Area? 

A. Discovery Ski Area is about 30 miles from the resort. Driving time will depend on weather conditions.

Q. What are your room rates? 

A. Fairmont has rooms with two queen beds or one king bed, plus a variety of suites with mini-kitchens or fully equipped kitchens. The resort has a total of 152 rooms and suites. Please see our rates and policies page for current rate information.

Q. What is there to do in the Fairmont area? 

A. There is a wealth of historical, outdoor, and fun things to do in the area. Please take a few minutes to review our area information page, or visit the State of Montana’s travel site at www.visitmt.com.

If there is any question you have that we have not answered, please let us know and we will find the answer if possible. Thanks for your interest in Fairmont Hot Springs Resort!


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